Crochet 101:

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Beginning Crochet

will introduce you to the basic crochet stitches and their chart symbols. During this two hour course, you will learn how to work both flat and in the round, providing you with a good foundation for future projects.

No experience required.

Best for ages 7 yrs to adult

One 2 hour class

Children's Knitting

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Don’t we all remember

the first time we picked up yarn and knitting needles and began to create something? Here at String Thing Studio, we would love to be there at the beginning of your child’s fiber journey! In this 2 hour introductory kid friendly class we introduce them to the basics of the craft. At the end of this class, if your child likes it and wants to continue, there are additional lessons that can be given to build on these skills. If you would like for your child to have a weekly program take a look at our Afterschool Program. We also offer class packs of 5 and 10 classes.

This class is best suited for children ages 7-12 years old.

Weaving Classes at String Thing Studio

Continuous Strand Weaving

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What is it?

Continuous strand weaving is a truly unique & quick method of weaving which can be done on a variety of frame looms, which results in a fabric that is woven on the bias (diagonal)

The Loom is not warped separately; it is warped as you weave. There is little or no waste and it is self finishing!

You can make fun plaids with self striping and some variegated yarns - no math required.

Tapestry Weaving: The Art of The Flow with Kacie Lyn Martinez


The Art of Flow

As a meditative, tactile art form, weaving has been practiced around the world for centuries. In this class, we will approach tapestry weaving as a process for creative flow and personal grounding. Over two classes, you will learn how to dress the loom and some basic weaving techniques and how to finish your weaving.

The Magic of Mosaic Knitting with Hannah Wallace


This is gorgeous! Must be difficult....

Not so! Mosaic knitting is a slip-stitch color work technique using 2 contrasting colors which is truly easier than it looks.  Intricate patterns can be created by alternating 2 rows each of 2 colors while slipping some stitches.

Mosaic knitting is fun, easy and versatile, offering endless patterns which can be worked in garter or stockinette stitch, flat or in the round


Required Skills: Basic knitting skills: cast on, bind off, knit, purl.

Private Lessons

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Private Lessons

For those who like to have a one on one teaching experience we offer one hour private classes in knitting, crochet, continuous strand weaving and pattern help.

For children we offer half hour classes if that is something you think your child would benefit from.