Here at String Thing Studio, we love company. 

Not just those that partake in fiber fun, but everyone! For that reason, we offer the option to host events here. 
Birthday parties, showers, meetings, whatever you can think of. 

We offer both the back of the shop where we have classes and a lounge area as well as our almost 1,000 sq ft garden.

We offer multiple options:

Full service 
STS staff plans everything for you! You just plan to show up and have a good time.

Just the Space
1 STS staff person is available to help you to bring in your event to life with your own decorations and food. 

Creative for Hire
You have an event that you would like to have a fiber / creative aspect added to it? 
We can help with that too.

Fill out our Event Inquiry Form and we will contact you to begin planning your ideal event. You can also email us
at or give us a call at 929-337-6130.